ProEFI CAN Dislay

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The ProEFI Display allows the user to monitor 30 channels through a 4″ screen which displays 3 to 4 digital screen, there is also Knock screen and a Fault screen.  Users also able to move gauges to different screens to give it a more personal touch.


Air/Fuel Ratio 
Ethanol Content Percent
Target AFR
O2 Feedback Multiplier (Fuel Trim)
Instant Fuel Economy
Primary Injector Duty
Primary Fuel Pressure PSI
Manifold Pressure Kpa

Manifold Pressure PSI
Pressure Ratio
WasteGate Setpoint PSI(Target boost)
WasteGate Setpoint Kpa(Target boost)
WasteGate Duty Cycle
Boost Mode
Exhaust Backpressure PSI
Spark Advance
System Voltage (Battery Volts)
Coolant Temperature Deg F

Inlet Air Temperature Deg F
Radiator Pressure PSI
Oil Pressure PSI
Oil Temperature Deg F
Trans Pressure PSI
Nitrous Bottle Pressure PSI
Differential Wheel Speed
Non Driven Wheel Speed
Current Rev Limit setpoint


**And Many More Channels**