Dyno Tuning Services

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   The optimization of fuel and ignition settings is critical to maintaining the health of your modified engine. The trick is to do this while extracting all available power and protecting drivetrain components at the same time.

   Using specialized equipment usually reserved for OEM level development, we can directly read engine combustion pressure to find the correct combination of manifold pressure, fuel mixture and ignition timing to extract the highest level of reliable engine output.

   Our 2WD axle hub dyno eliminates the need for vehicle tie-downs, and can be operated at our facilities or transported to your location. No tire contact to a roller means no tire damage or traction issues and as a consequence more repeatable results.

   The equipment is available for dyno days (at our location or yours), diagnostic testing and full dyno tunes. Our dyno suite has a full range of standalone sensors, including but not limited to:


- Engine RPM

- Manifold Pressure

- Air/Fuel Mixture with back pressure compensation

- Engine Blow-by (great for monitoring break-in of new engines)

- Coolant Temperature

- Oil Temperature

- Exhaust Gas Temperature

- Engine Knock


Pricing for dyno use is as follows:


Baseline Power Test:                      $180

Baseline power tests include mounting, 3 full power tests with RPM (+boost and afr if applicable) and dismount from the dyno. Additional sensors maybe added for additional cost.

Dyno operation (You tune, we operate):                               $120/hr


Dyno Tuning and operation (We tune and operate) :            $160/hr

* $200 Minimum for tuning. Tuning sessions cut short by unforeseen circumstances will be assigned credit towards a future visit.



Dyno Day:

(Shop, Club, Group of Friends, Collectors, Dealers)                                       

Contact us for day rates.


   To schedule a session, please contact us. A pre-dyno discussion about your goals and vehicle status are required prior to all sessions.

   We have hub adapters for the following bolt patterns. If yours is not listed, contact us for affordable pricing to produce custom adapters.