Seal Gland

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Seal Gland Prototype for Solex, 6061-T6

-Rough cut (0.25h)

-Chuck and turn OD (0.25h)

-Drill and bore centre hole (0.25h)

-Machine locating lug and part off section (0.50h)

-Chuck and face parted surface (0.25h)

-Drill and bore to ID (0.50h)

-De-burr and clean (0.25h)


Total time: 2.25h/unit    *** Our typical hourly rate is $120/hour but in an effort to remain competitive and to show our appreciation for the RFQ I can offer a rate of $100/hour ***


Material: $7/unit


Consumables @5% of total invoice


GST @5%


Total price per unit:



$   7.00

$ 11.60

= $243.60 + tax

= $255.78 Canadian