Ultrasonic Cleaning Service

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Superior results begin with superior preparation. Cleaning before inspection and measuring and then again before final assembly is critical to ensure the best possible outcome. Ultrasonic cleaning will clean anywhere a liquid can reach, making it ideal for complex and convoluted parts that ordinary hot tanks will not adequately clean.

Our state of the art ultrasonic cleaner is the best way to clean old and used parts inside and out. Ultrasonic cleaning gets to all of the areas that traditional methods are incapable of while not damaging the underlying material.

Our tank is large enough to accommodate most popular engine blocks and heads including v8 and inline 6 configurations. Whether your are working on cosmetic parts or critical engine engine components, ultrasonic cleaning is an effective, affordable and superior way to clean parts.

Steel, iron, aluminum, magnesium and most plastics are safe to be cleaned in the ultrasonic cleaner. If you are concerned about the material, feel free to ask about your application.


Basket Dimensions:

27" Long, 17" Wide, 10" Deep*

*Larger items may be done in halves - contact us for larger item to discuss other possibilities. 

Price is per basket per cycle. For small items, two options are available. For immediate turnaround, items can be run independently at full price. For slower turnaround, a partial charge can be arranged. Contact us for details.